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Article by: Tom Card info@propertyoverseasgroup.com Published: 17/05/2008

More and more people who are looking for a second home or a new home abroad and are discovering the democratic peaceful Costa Rican country has much to offer. Beautiful all year climate, tax efficient, affordable and excellent health care

More and more people who are looking for a second home or a new home abroad and are discovering the democratic peaceful Costa Rican country has much to offer. Beautiful all year climate, tax efficient, affordable, excellent health care and well developed and reliable international communication system. Costa Rica is admired as an example of political stability in the region, and is referred to as the "Switzerland of the Americas" for its tax efficient system. Offering all the comforts of home in a relaxing tropical paradise, Costa Rica has become one of the fastest growing tourism destinations on the planet.

The Republic of Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, with the Pacific Ocean on its west coast and the Caribbean Sea on its east coast. The vast majority of the population are of Spanish descent.

Compared to many other Central American countries, Costa Rica is relatively affluent and politically stable, and has as a result become a popular retirement destination particularly for North Americans, and also many European nationalities. A politically stable nation, with a mature government, it needs no military and is considered a safe country in which to invest in real estate. Serious crime is rare, an important consideration for those considering living in the sun. Unlike European resorts it is not linked to the Euro which has seen the price of real estate soaring against sterling.

With massive political investment into the tourist industry, 'Special Tourist Zone' incentives for overseas investors, discounts for retirees and leisure activities aplenty the Costa Rica is an attractive option for overseas property buyers looking for their next investment or retirement home. Expatriates are exempt from tax on overseas income, with low property taxes and no capital gains or inheritance taxes.

With a tropical climate, lower cost of living and good health care it is no wonder that Costa Rica has a well established community of expatriates of at least 50,000 Europeans and North Americans. Although there have been significant price rises in recent years the boom is still in its infancy and as more and more direct flights from Europe and North America open up it is a reasonable assumption that early buyers will experience steady capital appreciation. A wide range of housing choices attract the expatriate community where many of the services taken for granted back home are readily available.

Many international medical authorities rate Costa Rica as being amongst the best low-cost medical care systems in the world. The United Nations consistently ranks Costa Rica's public health system as one of the top 20 in the world and it is open to all visitors and residents alike. Private medicine and dental services provided by highly qualified local doctors and dentists are available at infinitely lower cost than in North America or Europe. Statistics place Costa Rica third in life expectancy in the world. This can be attributed to the less than frenetic, laid back lifestyle, an abundance of healthy, fresh, non-preservative laden vegetables, fruit and tropical climate.

The stable Government promotes an active retirement program to attract affluent ‘retirees' who are offered impressive tax breaks and incentives to move to live in Costa Rica. One of those attracted to the relaxed and healthy lifestyle is David Woodland, of The Property Overseas Group which specialise in the region “Costa Ricans are cultured and friendly towards Europeans and English is widely spoken. With all it has to offer, property prices are inevitably rising but it still provides a very affordable entry level offering great value even in established beach areas & also with the strength of the Pound & Euro against the dollar it is still far cheaper than many other places in the world. It is a wonderful destination”

Costa Rica is rapidly coming under the spotlight for those seeking the good life living in harmony with nature. For those seeking a tax efficient country to live in, an affordable country to retire to, a tropical holiday home or even a secure property investment opportunity, it offers that special something.

The Property Overseas Group, based on the Pacific side of Costa Rica with an excellent selection of properties starting from £35,000 for a condominium 2 mins walk to the beach & £20,000 for a building plot! For more information call 0208 123 8300 or visit their website, www.propertyoverseasgroup.com/centralamerica.asp


External Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=136

Article Link: http://www.property-partnership.com/overseas-property-guides/overseas-property-guide.cfm?id=136

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