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Article by: info@premierinvestmentproperty.com (Clive Holt) Published: 30/08/2011

What are the key drivers for Brazil's burgeoning property market ?

Investors worldwide are rebalancing their portfolios, moving away from the toxic, debt-ridden economies of Europe and the USA and investing in countries such as Brazil and the booming Far Eastern economies.

Brazil is the best placed country in the world for U.K. investors seeking a safe haven, whilst also offering asset diversification and high, sustainable growth, confirmed by it's continually improving World top 10 economic ranking, thanks to it's wealth of natural resources and diverse manufacturing industry.

Equally important, it is presently the only dynamic economy that offers the security of a Democratic, Christian based society, with no enemies or natural disasters to contend with, a safe, cutting edge legal system, offering freehold property ownership and an all - welcoming, multi cultural population.

As the housing and tourism sectors continue to grow at a phenomenal rate, investing in land fully approved for development is one of the safest and most lucrative ways to invest in a country in the early years of a virtuous, self sustaining economic growth circle such as Brazil.

Supply of fully approved beach development land is falling far short of demand in both the sales and rental property markets and is supported by both domestic and international demand, particularly in the coveted North East, making continued gains inevitable.

We have superbly located, prime development land on a fully approved exclusive 5 star condominium resort in burgeoning Brazil, in the favoured North East's best state, Paraiba and close by at the sublime, world famous beach of Praiabela, starting from less than £20,000 with a guaranteed income of 5% p.a., or 100% interest free developer finance for monthly purchase over 2 years.


External Article Link: http://www.premierinvestmentproperty.com/news/?id=352

Article Link: http://www.premierinvestmentproperty.com/news/?id=352

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